Repeat From The Beginning Update

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A few months ago, we posted a casting call for “Repeat From the Beginning”, an original short film written and directed by owner Tim Miller. The response was outstanding and we are currently working away giving life to this film.

Over 35 cast and crew members traveled from around Tennessee and Kentucky to take part in the shoot. Franklin, Tennessee, served as the location backdrop to most of the story and features locations downtown such as Gray’s on Main and America’s #1 Main Street.

At the center of the film are two young loves separated in childhood but brought back together later in life as music helps them reunite. Nashville’s renowned Playground Studios makes an appearance and the film also features an original song by J. Churchill Morris based on the story’s premise.

We look forward to sharing this original story with you. Keep an eye out for its debut this fall!


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Zambia is a place full of infectious laughter and endearing joy despite the many obstacles that children face living there. Alliance for Children Everywhere (ACE) ( is an organization that is doing amazing work there through their feeding programs, primary schools, children’s home, and other life-changing programs.

A story can be a powerful way to connect with someone sitting across from you or with someone halfway around the world. FiveThirteen Creative recently traveled to Zambia with the Alliance for Children Everywhere to document stories that will be a part of an inspiring curriculum project.

The work they have done is being communicated to people in the United States through a new VBS curriculum called Change for Children. Change for Children is supported by 9 videos that are written, filmed and produced by FiveThirteen Creative. These videos will help people connect visually with those across the world while being moved into action by their powerful stories.

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The Baby Goat

While in Nepal, I happened on this little guy lounging around without a care in the world. Until…

(more videos from Nepal, Zambia, and my short film coming soon…but I thought a little entertainment in the mean time would make the internet a little bit cuter for now.)

UPDATE: Our little goat friend’s misadventures have now made an appearance on 22Words, BuzzFeed & The Ellen Show! Goats are the new cats, I guess.


Gear for sale!

Trying to raise some money for a mission trip to shoot some video over in Zambia and to whittle down my gear some. Please contact me at info at fivethirteencreative dot com. Links have all details. Any questions, please let me know…cash only.

List of gear:

Supraflux Stabilzer (a better Glidecam) – $650

10′ x 24′ Chroma-Key Muslin Background – $60


Auditions for Short Film in Nashville – Repeat from the Beginning

We are excited to have scheduled auditions for my short film, Repeat from the Beginning, on two dates this month for your convenience – Wednesday 3/5 and Wednesday 3/12.

Repeat from the Beginning features two young loves separated in childhood but brought back together later in life…one a musical producer scorned by the entertainment industry and one a budding new musician.

We will have auditions in 15 minute increments.

We are auditioning for three roles: Eric, Caroline and Dale.

Please fill it out what time you can attend at this link. This is MANDATORY if you want to audition and will only take about 30 seconds to fill out.

This is a first come first serve, so please be flexible. I may contact you back and adjust your time a little. Please feel free to forward this or post this to anyone you know that would be a good fit for this.

Auditions will be held at:
Belle Historic Apartments
413 Brick Path Lane (in the Leasing Center/Club House)
Franklin, TN 37064
Located behind The Factory in Franklin, TN, off of Liberty Pike and east of Franklin Road.

Description for roles are below:

Male lead – Eric: looks late 20s-mid 30s, salt of the earth guy, 5 o’clock shadow. Something like Paul Rudd.

Male lead – Dale: mid 40s – mid 50s, tries to look to young for his age, slicked back hair, nice jolly guy, overweight. Something like Brad Leland, more specifically his character from Friday Night Lights Buddy Garrity.

Female lead – Caroline: looks late 20s-mid 30s. Cute, can emote well. Good singer, bonus if can play guitar. I really don’t have a look. I can say just someone is who is not a “model”. But good singer is very important…of course, so is acting. You will need to sing at the audition. Musical sounds similar to Ingrid Michaelson, Audrey Assad, and Regina Spektor.

Some looks that work are:
Ingrid Michaelson
Jenny Simmons
Lisa Loeb
Leigh Nash

Script is available on request.

Harpeth Community Church buildout videos

Five Thirteen Creative has partnered with Harpeth Community Church in Franklin, TN to produce 3 videos for their upcoming build out campaign.

Harpeth has reached it’s capacity during it’s two services and is hoping by ‘Bridging the Gap‘ they will connect the area between their current worship center and offices/children’s ministries/student centers.

Over the next month, we will be creating three videos for them; a short, medium and long video highlighting some stories of people who have been attending Harpeth and why they believe in the Bridging the Gap campaign.

This is the first of three videos we will be producing for Harpeth:

Stay tuned at Five Thirteen Creative or our Vimeo page to see the other videos.

Special thanks to Harpeth and what they are doing in their community. For more information about Harpeth Community Church click here about their ministries in and with Franklin, TN.